The basic principle in defending clients is we have to prioritize our professionalism by maintaining strong argumentations in court. These are reasons why we have been entrusted to handle major cases, since every lawyer is specialising in different areas of litigation.

Hironimus Dani, Law Offices Amir Syamsudin & Partners

My interest in criminal cases was simply because of the challenge that I need to deal with.

Edinas Sikumbang, Law Offices Amir Syamsudin & Partners

I enjoy listening to different topics every day in our dining table. It just makes our life more colourful each day.

S Hardina, Law Office Amir Syamsudin & Partners

I believe when one can master something he or she doesn’t really like, it means he or she can master everything

Nurhasyim Ilyas, Law Offices Amir Syamsudin & Partners